Thai Stock Market Roundup Oct. 18

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on October 18, 2018.

KTB Readied to book ฿8.3bln. in 1Q19 from AQ’s estate selloff!

TCAP 3Q18 grew steadily. The bank had booking ฿1.8bln. from interest incomes and service fees.

PRINC decided to hold the advancement of real estate investment, and will focus on hospitals business that had recently acquired instead.

OCC poured ฿9 million to buy 22.2% of Shop Global (Thailand)’s shares to advance in online marketing.

SUPER established 12 subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Thailand to enhance its renewable energy business.

BGC closed its first trading day at ฿11.80/share, increased ฿1.60 or 15.69% of its IPO at ฿10.20/share with ฿4.4bln. In total value.

BEAUTY plunged 25% in two weeks due to fewer Chinese tourists.

RAM reported a ฿8.00/share dividend. XD November 1st.

BAY’s interest income and service fees buoy profits up to ฿6.2bln.

ACAP will book ฿300 million from selling its estate, and will guide its subsidiary, Global Service Center, to mai.

– Foreign investors continued its selloff along with local institution and proprietary trading for ฿3.7bln., while local individuals frantically buy those selloffs.

SET closed 1,682.91 points, fell 12.13 points or 0.72% with ฿46.2bln. in total value. Investors still had bad sentiment regarding the U.S. and Saudi Arabia’s relations, while the Fed aimed to raise interest rate again.

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