Thai Stock Market Roundup February 12, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on February 12, 2019.

TEAMG signed a consultancy contract to analyze and support Motorway Networks.

GPSC’s 2018 profit grew 6% to ฿3.3 billion, while the Board of Directors approved a dividend payment of ฿0.80, and the ex-dividend date was Feb. 22

DOD joined NPPG for further development on lower cost and shorten the production period.

SCC issued ฿15 billion debenture with 3.10% interest rate to debenture-holders and public offering.

NER’s 2018 profit skyrocketed 117% due to lower cost, while the Board of Directors proposed a dividend payment of ฿0.13, ex-dividend May 7, 2019.

NBTC ceased the broadcasting of Voice TV for 15 days regarding the issue of political provoking and confusing through the broadcast.

AP aimed for 39 new projects worth ฿67 billion.

– The Election Commission of Thailand submitted an appeal to Constitutional Court to disband Thai Raksa Chart Party.

ITD acquired a project ฿281.80 million to construct a hangar for royal aircraft worth.

Local institutions and individuals added 1.3 billion to their portfolio, recovered SET from political panic.

SET closed at 1.642.49 points, increased 4.49 points or 0.27% with ฿34.8 billion in value. The index was able to recover after a dive at the opening bell due to positive sentiment from the US to Asia markets on the border deal that halted another government shutdown.

Furthermore, as the deadline before the US imposes 25% tariff on Chinese products draws near, there are talks about extending the date beyond March 1st.