DTAC: New Strategy for 5G Race

DTAC: New Strategy for 5G Race

Previously, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) has decided not to participate in the auction of licences in the 2600MHz range held on February 16, 2020, but will join the 3500MHz auction instead, citing that the 2600MHz range isn’t good enough for 5G service. 

DTAC has urged the government to speedy start the 3500MHz auction and demanded the 3500MHz range to be a key band for 5G adoption, therefore it could damage the country. 

Also stated that Thailand could recover from economic recession by the potential of 5G infrastructure on the 3500MHz spectrum and cited that there are many countries across the world that have launched 5G service on the 3500MHz range.

However, it seems like DTAC changed its mind…as DTAC discussed with TOT Public Company Limited to conduct a 5G service on 2300MHz network despite the fact TOT and DTAC on April 2018, have signed for a Lease of Telecommunication Equipment Agreement and a Domestic Roaming Service Agreement in order to launch a 4G network in the 2300MHz band.

Could this discussion imply that DTAC wants to switch its conduct of 4G network in the 2300MHz band to 5G service instead…?

As of now, DTAC doesn’t have enough spectrum bandwidth to operate the 5G service, resulting in the company eagerly pursuing an upgrade of the 2300MHz network…importantly, 2 big rivals such as AIS and TRUE have already launched a 5G service in the 2600MHz band.

Let’s keep an eye on DTAC’s new strategy!