WEH’s Shareholders Oust “Nop Narongdej”, Appointing “Pradej” as Director!

WEH’s Shareholders Oust “Nop Narongdej” and Appoint “Pradej Kitti-itsaranon” as a Director!

The majority of Wind Energy Holding Public Company Limited (WEH)’s shareholders approved the resolution to demote “Nop Narongdej” from the positive of WEH’s director due to Mr. Nop has a long list of lawsuits, causing direct damage to the company.


On September 10, 2020, WEH held an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in which the third agenda required shareholders’ voting rights to remove WEH’s Director Mr. Nop Narongdej from the position.

The agenda stated that Mr. Nop has unsettled lawsuits, which also links to the company, causing WEH’s expenses to increase over hiring lawyers and such. The long-listed lawsuits by Mr. Nop also damaged WEH’s reputation.


The meeting approved the agenda with an approval of 54.9868% and approved the appointment of Mr. Pradej Kitti-itsaranon to replace Mr. Nop.