Kaohoon’s Top News on March 9, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on March 9, 2021.

With a plan to reopen the country for tourism, Thailand is set to launch a “vaccine passport” in order to shorten the quarantine from 14 days to 7 days, at the same time, the possible lifting of emergency decree at the end of May is under discussion. Analyst expects this issue to benefit stocks in tourism (MINT, CENTEL, ERW), airline (AAV), retail and property (CPN, CRC, CPALL, BJC, SPVI), and hospital (BDMS, BH) sectors.


– BCPG expects EBITDA in 2021 to grow 30-40%, aiming to acquire 2-3 M&A deals by the mid year and will advance in 4 solar farms in Japan. The company, also, plans to commence the COD of 3 projects, with a combined production capacity of 62MW, in the fourth quarter of this year. Meanwhile, PSTC expects a revenue recognition of fuel pipeline transportation project in 4Q21.


– EA confirms a battery plant phase 1 in Chachoengsao is ready for manufacturing from 2Q21, stating the company has set aside the budget of 6,100 million for investment to drive revenue in 2021. Moreover, EA will continue to develop the company to sustainable go green energy.


– PTG targets a 10-15% EBITDA growth this year, expecting oil sales volume to increase 8-10% YoY. Therefore, PTG allocates an investment budget of 4-4.5 billion baht to support the expansion of oil business, non-oil business, and new businesses. For the hemp-related business, the company is currently discussing with allies. While planning to introduce a new product in 2Q21.


– DOD’s subsidiary Siam Herbal Tech acquired a license to import hemp seeds from the U.S. used for commercial or industrial purposes, and recently signed an MOU with “JKN” to  jointly develop 10 hemp-infused supplementary products.