AP Thailand Kicks off ‘AP ScaleUp’ Batch 1 Bring Thai SMEs up to Speed

AP Thailand Kicks off ‘AP ScaleUp’ Batch 1 Bring Thai SMEs up to Speed

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited (AP), on a mission to EMPOWER LIVING by enabling customers to live a good life on their own terms, recently kicked offAP ScaleUp 2021 Batch 1 project” where 30 Thai SMEs out of 170 candidates enrolled into a programme designed to build on their businesses and bring them up to speed to grow together with AP. The project seeks to upskill SMEs with a new set of knowhow in collaboration with KX Knowledge Xchange of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, and SEAC. Together, they will open up pilot markets where prospective customers and business partners connect through AP community of more than 270 residential projects.   


Mr. Pichet Vipavasuphakorn, Managing Director, AP Thailand Group, said “The problem that is happening in today’s business world is that ‘market’ has become a scarcity because trade wars and the COVID-19 crisis have triggered a market shrinkage. It has raised an interesting question about the survival of Thai SMEs. While there are always opportunities in every crisis, it is necessary to securely seek opportunities in these upheavals together to benefit from the synergy of each other’s strength and expertise in a win-win game. Today, the company enrolled 30 SMEs – each possessing products and services that will empower clients of the AP group – into this year’s AP ScaleUp programme. AP Thailand is ready to use all of its strengths to support and offer the 30 SMEs the opportunity to build on their businesses and succeed together. For example, the strength of AP community under the care of SMART (the property management arm of AP) comprised of more than 270 residential projects, over 80,000 families, across Bangkok; the technology developed by AP or the coaching plan prepared to reskill and upskill in up-to-date business knowhow with the cooperation from SEAC, an expert in new skills development, and KX Knowledge Xchange of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.”


“The recurring COVID-19 outbreak is a reminder of the waves of damage that have no end in sight. We believe that Thai SMEs have the potential and the scale if they have the opportunity and updated advice. We are more than happy to support them so they can scale up in the midst of the crisis,” Mr. Pichet added.

Some of the SME participants shared their opinion about the project as per the following.                     

Mr. Nutnapath Arsirawatvanich, Managing Director, Empura Co., Ltd., importer of IT and home solutions, said of his company’s enrollment in AP ScaleUp, “We are honoured to participate in the project. We have every intention to ensure that our products and services will deliver to AP’s customers not just the goods but the solutions that empower them to live a more convenient life. Thank you for allowing your business partner to play a part in promoting growth for Thai SMEs under AP’s EMPOWER LIVING goal. We also get interesting food for thought to weather the crisis from senior executives who experienced many crises as well as interesting financial perspectives.”


Mr. Worapoj Ruenrerngwong, CEO & Founder, Chosen Energy Co., Ltd., operator of alternative energy business, said, “We are very glad to be one of the 30 SMEs. The mass transit trend is getting increasingly interesting in Thailand. We are ready to provide our alternative energy system for AP’s customers and to jointly develop a power management platform as well as to plug in into AP’s platform to provide customers with maximum convenience.”


Mr. Wanchai Methakittiporn, Managing Director, V Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “This is a good project to help Thai SMEs scale up. Most Thai SMEs have marketing budget restraints. V Foods is a seller of ready-to-eat corn and plant-based protein from locally-sourced raw materials. The support from AP will help SMEs and farmers in Thailand as a whole.”


AP Thailand Group is confident that ‘AP ScaleUp’ will be another programme to empower SMEs to keep abreast with the future while enabling them to develop products and services needed by customers and as well as to expand their customer base into AP community.