CHO Expects Full Production of Khon Kaen Factory on Oct 25 as Flooding Crisis Subsides

CHO expects a full production of its factory in Khon Kaen Province to start on Oct 25 after the flooding crisis has subsided.

CHO Thavee Public Company Limited (CHO) has stated that the flooding crisis in the factory area in Khon Kaen Province started to subside. The company expects full production from October 25, 2021 onwards with support from business partners in the procurement of raw materials and parts in production.

Currently, the water level in the Chi River has continued to decline. As a result, the water level that affects the area around the company’s factory has dropped to normal conditions.

Impact on the delivery of 3 projects, representing 33.33 percent of the work available in the production area of Khon Kaen. Initially, the delivery of the work has been postponed by approximately 15-30 days from the original schedule. CHO adds that the company has sent a notice to the customer for negotiating to extend the delivery date without penalty; all customers agree to extend the delivery date due to force majeure caused by natural disasters.

However, the evaluation of the damage is still in the process from experts and assessors from insurance companies. The company has insurance to cover damage from floods in the insurance fund at 10 million baht. Based on the information mentioned above, CHO has assessed that the flood did not significantly affect the company’s operations and is still within controllable level, while receiving good support from business partners and customers.


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