“Abhisit” Democrat Party Shows Appreciation, Declaring All Votes not in Vain!

Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva thanks the people that went to vote, exercising democratic rights.

Reporters reported today (24 March 2019) at 17:02 that Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, leader of the Democrat Party, along with other leading members of the party paid tributes to the statue of Prithvi, and later made the announcement after ballot boxes were closed that himself and the Democrat party thanks the people that went to vote because exercising democratic rights is considered a duty and everyone that sacrificed their time to use their rights was to determine the future of the country together.

“We thank you everyone who voted for the Democrat party, which will be the moral support that keeps us moving forward to work in parliament, and we ensure everyone’s vote will not be in vain, no matter outcome. All the MP candidates of the Democrat party has gratitude for the pure votes that we received, and it will be the reason for us to endeavour for the greater good.”

“We are proud that we have campaigned for this election with our ideals firmly held towards building a honest democracy for Thailand. Thank you for all your support, and let us follow the results of the election. When things become clearer, we will make further announcements to people once again”, said Mr. Abhisit.

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