SUPER Expects Constant COD of Solar-Wind Farms to Boost 2020-21 Revenue to a Record High

SUPER Expects Gradual Recognition from Solar-Wind Farm Operations to Boost 2020-21 Revenue to a New High.

Mr. Jormsup Lochaya, Chairman of the Board of SUPER, expected constant growth for the company with a possibility for the operating revenue to reach a new high this year as well as the next year.


Chairman of the Board of Super Energy Corporation Public Company Limited (SUPER), Mr. Jormsup Lochaya, stated that the recognition from electricity sales would bring the company to continuously record a new high in operating revenue in 2020-2021.

As for its three solar power plant projects in Vietnam, the company expected to commercialize the operation within December 2020 as planned. Meanwhile, the wind farm projects with a production capacity of 171MW and 250MW are in the process of construction and will gradually commercialize in 2021.

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