Dow Futures See Little Change after a Surge to a Record High Last Night

Dow Jones Futures saw little change, pointing to open slightly higher by 8 points on Wednesday after coming out of a record high at 30,046.24 points.


Stock markets have been cheering over the vaccine optimism, while Joe Biden began his transition to the White House. However, the rising cases of coronavirus remained a concern for the U.S. economy, adding additional 176,000 cases with another 2,203 deaths yesterday. The case stateside has been on a rise between 150k-180k last week and also continued to this week.


The European stocks also edged higher at the open on Wednesday. DAX rose 0.15%, FTSE increased 0.21%, CAC gained 0.31%, FTSE MIB advanced 0.29% and STOXX600 hiked 0.08%.

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