BCPG Expects EBITDA Growth of 40% in 2021, Aiming to Conclude 3 M&A Deals by Mid-Year

BCPG expects to achieve a 30-40% higher EBITDA in 2021 and also aims 2-3 M&A deals to be concluded by mid year. Moreover, BCPG will continue advancing in 4 solar farms in Japan, which expects 3 of them with a combined capacity of 65MW to commence the COD in 4Q21.  


Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, Accounting & Corporate Strategy of BCPG Public Company Limited (BCPG), Ms. Phatpuree Chinkulkitnivat, revealed that in 2021, the company has set EBITDA growth target of 30-40% YoY due to a full-year recognition of 1) a 45MW hydropower plant Nam San 3 in Laos and 2) four solar power plants with a combined capacity of 20MW in Thailand, and an increase in the share of profit from wind farm in the Philippines as a result of a rising electricity rate per unit.


Meanwhile Executive Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Mr. Charnvit Trangadisaikul, stated that regarding the business expansion, BCPG will mainly focus on the country where the company has already been invested, and aims to strike 2-3 M&A deals both in Thailand and overseas by the middle of 2021. BCPG’s total installed capacity is currently 859.3MW.  


At present, there are 4 ongoing solar farm projects in Japan with a combined capacity of 75MW, which 3 of them are expected to commence the COD within 4Q21, and the last one will start the COD in the second half of 2022, said Mr. Niwat Adirek, Senior Executive Vice President of BCPG. 

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