ADVANC Moves Closer to Receive the 700MHz Spectrum License for Broadening AIS 5G Services

Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (ADVANC) announced in reference to the previous disclosure dated February 19, 2020 regarding the auction result of 700MHz spectrum for telecommunications service issued by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). 


Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), the 99.99% subsidiaries of ADVANC, was the winning bidder for the 15-year spectrum license in the frequency range of 733MHz-738MHz pair with 788MHz-793MHz (2×5 MHz bandwidth). The total spectrum price is 17,154 million Baht (excluding VAT) to be paid in 10 annual installments or 1,715.4 million Baht for each installment. The first installment will be paid within 15 days before the effective date of license.


ADVANC informed that AWN has made the first installment for the 700MHz spectrum license, totaling THB 1,715.4 million and fulfilled the conditions precedent to obtaining the license as specified by the NBTC. Subsequently, the NBTC will issue the 700MHz license to AWN accordingly.


The 700MHz spectrum is a standard low-band frequency for 5G, which has an outstanding characteristic of wide coverage. Combining with the previously allocated 2x10MHz, ADVANC will be able to provide a contiguous 2x15MHz bandwidth to strengthen network capacity. This will enhance AIS to broaden our 5G service area and provide new services in the future.

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