Thai Stock Market Roundup February 15, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on February 15, 2019.

TASCO’s 2018 profit decreased 78% to THB 564.47 million due to lower sales while expense edged higher.

TIPCO lost THB 30.88 million of profit in 2018, compared to THB 702.65 million last year due to lower sales and profit from joint venture companies.

BIG’s lower sales and higher expense sank its 2018 profit of 29% to THB 549 million.

CHEWA showed a 70% rise in profit from THB 155 million in 2017 to THB 264 million in 2018.

BTS’s 3Q18/19 profit soared 34% to ฿1.19bln. from the operation and high-interest income.

GLAND ceased dividend payment as 2018 profit plunged 60%.

PTTEP invested ฿2 billion for 34% of ‘APICO’, topped its stakes in ‘Sinphuhorm Project’ to 67%.

Maybank gave EA a target price at ฿52.80 (T-Buy), expecting new E-Boat to account 1-2% of profit.

– High expense dragged JASIF’s 2018 profit down 29% to ฿5.1 billion.

Foreign Investors continued the selloff for ฿3 billion, while Institutions poured another ฿1.48 billion back to the market.

SET closed at 1,636.94 points, sank 15.70 points or 0.95% with ฿49.1 billion in value. The stock decline the same as Asian market due to the report of a decade low U.S. retail data overnight which raised concerns over a slowing American economy. Meanwhile, the political issues in Thailand are still tormenting investors with a tendency of rising at any moment.

The trade talk between the US and China has ended, but still no report in detail other than a comment saying it was “productive” from the US delegation.


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