Premium Contents from WORK Actually Works!! A Glimpse of High Profit in 2H Is Visible!

WORK aims to make a rebound in the second half of 2019, leading by a high rating "10 Fight 10" as the main program to bring the profit back.

The share price of Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited (WORK) has rallied for five days in a row for a total of ฿6.55/share or 26.50% since June 28, 2019. Especially, a high jump on July 3rd and 4th that hiked 7.7% and 9%, respectively.

And of course, there is a story behind this rally! But before getting to the highlight, let’s take a look just a while back on how have things been for WORK since the beginning of 2019.


WORK recorded THB 74.52 million of profits in 1Q19, decreased THB 91.08 million or 55% YoY. Meanwhile, its total revenue was at THB 733.07 million, fell THB 151.99 million or 17% YoY.

A sudden change came after WORK made a significant change on its TV programs, shooting the rating up to the sky in no time. Moreover, once the rating is up, so does the number of interested advertisers.

The highlight of all the programs would be “10 Fight 10,” a program that invites male celebrities on a boxing match, gaining a lot of viewers from celebrities’ fan base which does not limit to only women (for obvious reasons), but men can also watch spectacular martial arts as well.

The program had made WORK’s rating constantly and continuously increase. Just last week, the rating hit the highest peak since launching at 3.013 (Nationwide 4+). Through its other channels, Facebook Live also had over 70,000 views. It had been said that sponsors are piling up for the program, not to mention another 10 programs cueing to on air after 10 Fight 10, which are expected to be on par with the debuting program.


Analysts had made WORK as their top pick of media stocks, expecting a net profit in 2019 to be THB 440 million, increased 27.40% from a net profit of THB 345 million. Thus, came a “BUY” recommendation at a target price of ฿36.00/share.

But…..never forget that popularity comes and goes. The most hype TV show could slowly lose its popularity in a short while, just like The Mask Singer that used to be the talk of the town and made a high TV rating not long ago lest 10 Fight 10 could end up just the same.

Just don’t get too hype about it, and trade cautiously.