Thai Stock Market Roundup on October 6, 2021

A brief summary of major changes and significant developments in the Thai stock market on October 6, 2021.

SET Index closed at 1,619.48 points, decreased 4.76 points or 0.29% with a trading value of 90 billion baht. The analyst stated that the Thai stock market closed lower, which was in the same direction of other Asian markets while the European markets opened in a negative territory and Dow Jones Futures dropped more than 300 points after just a day of recovery amid rising bond yield.

The analyst expected SET Index to move in sideways trends, waiting for new positive factors, giving a support level at 1,610 points and a resistance level at 1,630 points for tomorrow’s session.

– Foreign Investors led in the highest net sell with 1,263 million baht as SET Index closed nearly 5 points lower.

– The U.S. 10 year Treasury yield advanced to 1.547 while 30-year yield reached 2.143, highest since June amid rising energy price and inflationary pressure. The 10-year breakeven rate climbed 2.485 highest since June which indicates traders’ expectation on annual inflation over the next decade.

Moody’s expected the U.S. Congress to raise debt ceiling before the deadline, while maintaining ‘stable’ outlook with Aaa rating.

– With a constant rise in oil prices, analysts target $100 a barrel this year, citing colder weather and OPEC+ output as main factors.

XO’s share is expected to become an outperformer in the near term as there is upside from an increase in sauce production capacity and the stock’s valuation looks attractive, wrote KTBST.

Bangkok Bank approves a long-term credit loan to DUSIT for its business operations, plus a property development loan towards new hotels under the ASAI Hotels brand.

– Stocks in Focus on October 6, 2021: BDMS (Asia Wealth Securities TP at ฿27.00/share) and JSMART (Finansia Syrus Securities TP at ฿12.00/share).


Top 10 Most Impact Shares on October 6, 2021

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