Individuals Continue with Profit Taking amid Surges in the Thai Stock Market

The total value of buying and selling on October 8, 2021, categorized by the investor's type.

– SET Index closed at 1,639.41 points, increased 5.69 points or 0.35% with a trading value of 93 billion baht. The analyst stated that The Thai stock market closed higher, buoyed by the energy sector on a rebound of oil prices. Still, the analyst noted on the weakened Thai baht that continued to weigh the market down.

The analyst expected the Thai stock market to fluctuate next week on the rising oil prices that would disrupt the market while recommending investors to monitor the earnings season of the banking sector, giving a support level at 1,620 points and a resistance level at 1,650 points.

– Individuals continued to take profit from the Thai stock market as the index edged higher on positive sentiment.

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