Kaohoon’s Top News on October 11, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on October 11, 2021

Due to the peak season in the second half of the year, KEX is expected to perform better in the third and fourth quarters. This week, the company is expected to announce a new collaboration with a partner. Analysts have given KEX a “BUY” rating with a target price of 65 baht.

Analysts increased their target price for JMART to 50 baht, citing the stock’s continued underperformance and potential upside of 25%. JMART is expected to expand by at least 50% this year as a result of its merger with BTS, which increased its capital to 25 billion baht for future business expansion.

– BANPU edged higher after Newcastle Coal Futures in October hit US$250 per ton. BANPU forecast 3Q21 earnings of 4.5 billion baht, while analysts forecast the company’s 1H22 earnings to reach a new record high, recommending “BUY” with a target price of 18 baht.

COM7 is confident that its performance will set a new record in 4Q21 as a result of the release of the iPhone 13. Additionally, COM7 planned to collaborate with ILM to manage leased space in the ILM’s electrical appliance zone in November, aiming to boost revenue by 15-20% this year.

Today (October 11), AI and AIE will begin trading at a new par. Analysts anticipated a flood of speculation in both stocks due to their strong fundamentals and favorable sales prospects for electrical appliances and biodiesel.

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