Partial Shutdown of US Government

The US Government has been shutdown as the funding failed to pass the approval from senates.

The US government, and its many operational branches has partially stopped its operations, with personnel involved in essential operations required to continue working without pay. Imagine the already disgruntled TSA officers now working without pay!

Officially, the US government went into ‘partialshutdown since after midnight last Friday after Trump decided to insist on a $5 billion budget to be included for his US-Mexico wall. The Democrats also insisted their grounds, and voted for a bill that did not accommodate the wall.

The VOA news reported that the senate will be adjourned till the 27th, of December, and that the shutdown affected more than 800,000 federal employees, half of whom will continue to work without pay on operations deemed essential, like medical professionals in the Veterans Hospitals and TSA agents.

380,000 federal workers or more could be placed on temporary leave without receiving pay”, reports CNBC.


The shutdown will most likely continue till at least after the 27th, and not impossible that it will lasts till January next year. However, if the shutdown drags on long enough to cause major problems from delayed work hours, for example if the resolution for the 90-day US-China truce is delayed, then Trump could maybe just blame the Democrats. Trump probably wasn’t bluffing when he said he was “totally prepared for a very long shutdown”.


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