U.S. Stocks Futures and European Stocks Advance as Investors Await 1H Earnings

The U.S. stocks futures rose as well as the morning session of European stocks in the afternoon of the Asian trading session on Monday, July 13, 2020.


As of 14:42 local time in Thailand (GMT+7), Dow Jones Futures gained 162 points or 0.62% to 26,018 points. S&P 500 Futures increased 0.51% and Nasdaq Futures advanced 0.54%.

German’s DAX rose 1.27% in the morning session, British’s FTSE hiked 1.20%, French’s CAC gained 1.06% and Euro Stoxx600 increased 0.83%.


Stock markets advanced amid rising coronavirus cases in the U.S. which recorded between 505000-65,000 in the past week, while Florida had just made a state-high record with more than 15,000 infections for the state.

Investors are also expecting for the announcement of listed companies’ 1H earnings to see the full impact of the coronavirus outbreak that caused countries to go into a lockdown in 2Q20.

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