Kaohoon’s Top News on November 25, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on November 25, 2020.

Dr. Pongsak Viddayakorn was rumored to be the buyer of more than 23% of BH shares from BDMS, while Dr. Satit Viddayakorn did not comment on the matter and PRINC denied involvement in the transaction.

AOT announced its 2020 earnings with a net profit of 4,320.68 million baht, decreased 82.74% compared to the previous year due to a drop of passengers by 48.80% and a decline in flights by 42.51%, dragging AOT’s revenue more than 31 billion baht.

However, a drop in expenses helped support AOT’s earnings after the company received a rent reduction from the Treasury Department by 2,000 million baht as well as the bonus cancellations.

AMATA admitted that the company would not meet its sales projection, forecasted earlier at 950 rais in 2020, as the impact from the coronavirus outbreak caused 9-10 customers to postpone the signing due to travel limitations. The company expected a decrease in foreign arrivals quarantine from 14 to 10 days would help easing travel limitations.

TFFIF showed a recovery sign after reporting a net profit of 390 million baht in 2020, increased 39% and announced a dividend payment of THB 0.1014 per unit. The analyst estimated TFFIF dividend yield in 2021 to increase to 4%, giving a target price at ฿12.00/share.

– Asia Plus Securities (ASP) expected the fund inflow to drive the market until the middle of next year as Foreign Investors have been buying over 30 billion baht this month, the highest in 10 years and two months. Still, the analyst advised to monitor the political gatherings today, which could drive to index higher if there is no violence.

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