The Finale of “Iron Chef Chumpon” and “Michelin Star Ice” Leaves a Lot of Question Marks

The drama between the Michelin Star Chef Supaksorn Jongsiri (Ice) from Sorn Fine Southern Cuisine (Sorn) and Thailand’s Iron Chef Chumpon Jangprai from R-HAAN might have come to an end when two chefs have reconciled on the an “unintentional” and a “misleading” campaign from R-HAAN.


It all started with R-HAAN’s online campaign that somehow linked the restaurant’s website and reservation with Chef Ice’s Sorn Fine Southern Cuisine whenever typing “sorn” in the keyword box, causing a lot of confusion among people who want to dine at Sorn Fine Southern Cuisine, but ended up booking for R-HAAN instead. Some even believed that the two restaurants are the same.


To end the turmoil, Chef Ice had to write a post on Instagram saying that Sorn and R-HAAN aren’t related, but somehow ended up being sued for 50 million baht by Chef Chumpon with a request to delete his Instagram post!?


Not long after the case went to the court, Chef Chumpon miraculously wrote on his Instagram saying that he had reconciled with Chef Ice and clarified that the confusion was due to an error in his online campaign, while expressing his apologetic acknowledgment.


As the drama has come to an end, it is very curious why the Iron Chef of Thailand didn’t cross-check with his marketing team or say sorry before taking the matter to the court for 50 million baht and end up on reconciliation. Not that this is a waste of time, but also an ill repute as well.

More importantly, why on earth did Chef Ice, who seems to be the victim of this story, was sued for 50 million baht for clarifying the truth!?

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