Kaohoon’s Top News on November 17, 2020

– 21 listed companies in the Thai stock market were included in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) 2020, the highest addition in ASEAN markets, while BANPU, BTS, PTT, PTTGC, SCC, TOP and TRUE were named industry leaders.

JAS reported a company’s financial statement with an operating profit at 444.46 million baht, increased 20.49%. However, the 3Q20 earnings reported a contraction of 794 million baht due to the implementation of TFRS 16. Meanwhile, TRUE announced a profit of 104 million baht in 3Q20, decreased 96.4% due to higher D&A and without the recognition from selling DIF.

NRF reported a net profit in 3Q at 48 million baht, increased 183% in response to higher demand for its products. Meanwhile, XO also recorded a jumping profit of 133% to 96.56 million baht.

– The Ministry of Finance stated that the Thai stock market is in a good direction as foreign investors flooded into the market, causing an appreciation in Thai baht. SET Index has the return of 12.7% in November, best in the region. The analyst suggested focusing on exports-related stocks such as STGT, CPF, TU, KCE and SCGP to gain positive sentiment after signing the RCEP agreement.

– The source close to the matter revealed that SAWAD and NOBLE will jointly establish an asset development company to manage SAWAD’s AMC.

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